Climate and Lifestyle

Phuket’s Climate and Lifestyle

The best way for you to truly understand Phuket’s luxury lifestyle, without actually being on the island, is to listen and watch a few successful people who have made Phuket their home….check this video out.

Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate, given its proximity to the equator. This latitude, just north of the equator, ensures that temperatures in Phuket remain constant throughout the year at +/- 30 degrees Celsius. There are two seasons which evenly dissect the year: a cooler, less humid dry season between December and March and warmer, and wetter, humid season between April and November.

But, with world weather patterns becoming erratic, it is not uncommon to experience dry season conditions in June and precipitation in February. The island experiences an average of 230 inches of rain each year. This moisture ensures that a green veneer of lush vegetation covers the non-developed parts of the land, which is most of it, giving the island an eye-catching backdrop of forested hillsides.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Highs in °C 31.8 32.9 33.5 33.4 32.0 31.6 31.2 31.2 30.7 30.9 31.0 31.2 31.8
Lows in °C 23.3 23.7 24.3 24.8 24.5 24.5 24.2 24.4 23.9 23.8 23.8 23.7 24.1
Precipitation in mm 29.8 20.9 49.1 121.9 319.4 268.9 290.5 272.6 399.0 309.6 175.7 59.4 2,316.8
Av. # rainy days 4 3 5 11 21 19 19 19 23 22 16 8 170

Phuket is one of the most beautiful and enchanting tropical islands in Asia. Clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and the welcoming smile of the Thai people have all helped to develop the Island into South East Asia’s leading holiday destinations and the ideal place to own a second home.

Phuket has a well-connected international airport with daily direct and connecting flights to ASEAN states, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.


Phuket's hilly wooded landscape and tropical climate provides many opportunities for nature lovers. There is abundance of wildlife with a wide variety of species and plenty of opportunity to enjoy a day out in natural surroundings. As a location for cycling, on-road and off-road, Phuket is unique.

The natural topography of the island, with a central spine of mountains results in elevated slopes, leading down to the coast, which afford wonderful ocean views.

For those who enjoy walking the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, located in the north west of the island, is a great day out. The park has large areas of virgin rainforest and it is possible to hire a guide to explain some of the many interesting flora and fauna you will see along your route. The park also has two impressive waterfalls, Bang Pae and Tonsai, these are at their best during low season when the water is at its' highest.


The pleasant warm tropical climate makes Phuket an ideal environment for the enjoyment of many sporting activities. The Island has world class diving just off its shores, with further top dive sites lying further off the coast just a short journey by speedboat, such as the Simillan Islands.

Golf is another major attraction in Phuket, with no less than 5 championship golf courses on the Island. The Laguna (Banyan Tree) course on the west coast and Blue Canyon in the north of the Island are regarded as two of Asia's top courses.


For boat and yacht owners Phuket is unbeatable. The Boat Lagoon, Yacht Haven, Ao Po and Royal Phuket Marina all have excellent facilities and accommodation for short or long stay moorings. All of Phuket’s marinas are located on the sheltered east coast, with immediate cruising options within Phang Nga Bay with hundreds of small deserted islets. There is simply no other comparable location for yachties in Asia.


The Central Festival (near Kathu) and Junceylon (Patong) shopping malls are modern covered faculties, which boast major international brands including Marks and Spencer, Boots, Levis, Starbucks, Body Shop, Guess and many more. For groceries there are a handful of huge hypermarkets, operated by famous names such as Tesco Lotus and Big C, as well as up-market deli supermarkets such as the Villa Market and Tops.


Thailand has become a popular ‘health tourism’ destination on account of the Kingdom’s progressive approach to hospital development. This is particularly manifested in Phuket, with 3 state of the art hospitals. Having international standard health care is one particular reason why the island has become such a popular retirement destination.

Dining and Cuisine

Thai food is one of the worlds´ finest cuisines and in Phuket there are many excellent local restaurants to choose from. Being an island, seafood figures generously in ‘street food’, cooked fresh in front of your eyes, eating local in Thailand comes without some of the belly health risks associated with other neighbouring.

International cuisine is also popular in Phuket with restaurants from all four corners of the globe. Most popular are Italian, Chinese and Indian. There are also many small sandwich bars, coffee shops and pie shops catering for more Western tastes.

Whether your passion is nature, sports, boating, diving, shopping or just simply relaxing, Phuket caters for all tastes, all people and is wonderful spot for a second or retirement home.